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Fiber Laser Rust Cleaning Machine

Product Image (EC-RC-100/200)

Upgraded Version Rust Cleaning Machine

Price: 26850 USD ($)

Rust cleaning is a necessary process work for old object renovation. Our R&D series now reach the top technology and mature level among all China. 100 mm width * hand-Hold moving length, slope work & no dead angle.

Product Image (EC-RC-100/200)

100W 200W Fiber Rust Cleaning Machine

Price: 29070 USD ($)

With special touch screen computer control system, no need external computer equipment, plug in 220V AC can be used, no other consumables, no wearing parts, normal service life 5-8 years.

Product Image (EC-RC-100-50)

50W Portable rust cleaning machine

Price: 9800USD USD ($)

Widely used in aviation, shipbuilding, automotive, food processing, production processing, rubber and plastics, tire industry, electronics industry, environmental protection, etc.