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Laser Welding Machine

Product Image (NEC-WM-200W)

Desktop Integrated Laser Welding Machine

Price: 3900.00 - 4500.00 USD ($)/Case

Laser welding has the advantage of being able to achieve localized small-scale heating characteristics, and is widely used in precision devices such as jewelry, batteries, automotive, aerospace, etc.

Product Image (NEC-PJW100)

Portable Jewelry Laser Welding Machine

The laser spot welding machine is mainly used for the filling and spot welding of gold and silver jewelry, and can also be used for cold work high alloy steel, hot forged high alloy steel, nickel-containing tool steel, high-grade steel, copper alloy, beryllium copper, high-tough aluminum. Metal, alloy, gold, silver and other materials are spot welded.

Product Image (EC-WM-300/500)

Multi-function Welding Machine for Stainless Steel Cup

The integral machine is composed of five parts, namely, the control cabinet, cooling system, power cabinet, laser and optics processing system.

Product Image (EC-WM-1500)

Precision Repair Welding Machine

Price: 4800 USD ($)

Low calorific value, high precision, high fastness, suitable for a variety of different welding parts.

Product Image (EC-WM-150)

150W Portable Laser Soldering Machine for Jewelry

Price: 4800 USD ($)

This soldering machine produced by supernova is specially designed for glasses, jewelry industry. It can be uses to repair the holes on the jewelry

Product Image (EC-JWM-200)

Jewelry Welding Machine

Price: 4000.00 - 6000.00 USD ($)/Set

This series laser spot welder is firstly designed for jewelry ornaments manufacturing, jewelry repairing, rings or bracelets resizing, gold and silver re-tipping, stone setting, eyewear welding or repairing, denture welding, small auto parts welding, etc. Generally, it is especially suitable for tiny target precision welding. It works on gold, platinum, titanium, silver, copper, nickel, aluminum, magnesium, stainless steel, etc.

Product Image (EC-FT-N1440)

Robot Welding Machine

The industrial robot is a six-axis DOF robot with a lightweight design. All lines pass through the body and are characterized by high speed, high precision and stable performance.

Product Image (EC-HWM-300/400/500)

Handheld Welding Machine

Can apply to S/S, Iron, Galvanized sheet, Titanium, Brass, Copper, and etc.

Product Image (EC-WM-300)

Desktop Laser Welding Machine

Laser welding technology makes two metal sheets become one only by a few melting spots. From any aspect, laser welding is the best solution and the greenest.